Which Company Sells the Best Halal Gelatin

Which Company Sells the Best Halal Gelatin

Halal gelatin is a popular alternative to porcine gelatin, and it’s particularly in demand in predominantly Muslim countries and communities. If you specialize in manufacturing gelatin-based food for Muslims, you’ll want to buy products from a reputable supplier that carries Halal products. Halamix is one of the most established companies distributing raw materials for pharmaceutical, food, and beverage, and nutrition industries, specializing in all kinds of gelatin and collagen peptides.

Why Halamix?

Halamix has been a trustworthy supplier of Halal gelatin since its establishment in 2004. Based in Thailand, it understands the needs of its customers and has a proven record of meeting unique specifications while guaranteeing the highest quality and safety every time. The company has connections with manufacturing companies globally, allowing it to remain competitive with pricing.

For every industry

Halamix serves every industry that requires high-quality Halal gelatin. It currently works with nutritional bar manufacturers, food ingredient suppliers, food and beverage processors, pharmaceutical companies, and cosmetic companies.

Certified Halal

The company guarantees the quality of its final products by using cutting-edge analytical and test equipment backed by stringent quality control processes. High-quality products are supplied to customers with a fully automated process and equipment while going through strict processes and quality control. Rest assured, you’re receiving Halal products that are also US FDA-approved, Kosher, EDQM-certified, and ISO 9001:2008-certified.

Various gelatin products are available.

Halamix carries a range of Halal gelatin products, such as StarchGel from Er-Kang Pharma. The starch is made from the cassava root, is non-GMO, and doesn’t have pesticide or carcinogenic residues and chemical additives. You’re assured of high-quality and safe Halal ingredients for making softgels. The company also offers Gelatin RXL, a specially designed gelatin offering long-term stability for critical fillings. The gelatin reduces cross-linking, enhances shelf-life, and improves softgel dissolution, making it perfect for H&N and pharmaceutical products. It also enhances the performance of softgels likely exposed to humidity and high temperatures.