Where Can You Easily Avail Edible Gelatin?

Where Can You Easily Avail Edible Gelatin?

Gelatin is one of the most widely used products in the world, with the global market amounting to over $1.83 billion in 2021. Typically, gelatin is needed to make cosmetics and ointments. However, it is also a common ingredient in many food products and capsules, which means manufacturers must invest in edible gelatin.


Where to find high-qualityedible gelatin

Luckily, food-grade gelatin is not that hard to find. In fact, this product is commonly made from animals like pigs and cows; however, it can also come from fish and vegetables.

Halamix International is a company that specializes in distributing raw materials for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and nutrition industries. More specifically, their products include collagen peptides and all kinds of gelatin, including:

  • Gelatin

Standard edible gelatin comes in various strengths, each with its own applications. For instance, 90 to 160-bloom gelatin is ideal for producing ice cream and gum products, while 210 to 260-bloom gelatin is excellent for jellies and marshmallows.

Halamix International only uses the most advanced manufacturing processes for their gelatin, undergoing several purification and filtration steps to ensure that the product is not contaminated.

  • Fish gelatin

Are you looking for an alternative to mammal-based gelatin? Then, fish gelatin is the perfect solution. Like regular gelatin, fish gelatin can be used for various food applications, whipping, gelling, and emulsifying. However, its most distinctive feature is that it can be used to fulfill different cultural and religious needs.

  • Vegetable gelatin

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, vegetable gelatin will help you reach the top. Also known as Starch Gel, this revolutionary gelatin product is made from cassava roots, resulting in a 100% vegetarian and non-GMO alternative to traditional gelatin.

Some other benefits of Starch Gel include the lack of pesticide, carcinogenic, and chemical residues.


Look no further than Halamix International for all your edible gelatin needs. The company is trusted by numerous pharmaceutical and food companies, providing high-quality and consistent products for competitive prices.