Gelatin jelly – good and healthy!

Consumers of today pay more attention to their health. Nutrition must be healthy. In addition to the focus on healthy and healthful ingredients of main dishes, snacks or munchies cannot be overlooked because they can majorly affect our health. Therefore, consumers have to be aware of the snack’s ingredients as well.

It is well known that “gelatin” is a natural protein extracted from collagen which provides a lot of benefits for our body. Modern consumers or food manufacturers are turning to gelatin as a major food ingredient: both in the main dishes or snacks. Nowadays, gelatin is applied in various foods such as bakery, cake, cheese pie, luk chup, whipped cream, pudding, yogurt, sauces, ham, soup, including the popular “Gelatin Jelly” comprising jellies, and other jelly-like substances, 3D gelatin or flower gelatin jelly, rainbow gelatin jelly, etc. Gelatin ingredient keeps the form and makes the soft and elastic surface of the jellies in the room temperature. Gelatin jelly is not only colorful, as its appearance but also beneficial to the body as well.

Some are quite confused about Gelatin jelly and normal jelly. The color of plain gelatin jelly is quite clearer, with a softer and more elastic and rebounding surface than ones of the normal jelly. Of course, the taste is also different. Why? Because ingredients used to produce gelatin and jelly are completely different. Gelatin is derived from the protein of meat, animal bones and joints but the normal jelly is derived from plants such as agar. Because of this, gelatin’s nutritional value will be higher and more beneficial to our body. Are you interested in gelatin jelly now? It is absolutely a good idea! Gelatin jelly is now a popular low-energy healthy snack

Health benefits when consuming gelatin jelly are: strengthening the health of your nails and keeping them shining, reducing the problem of hair loss, preventing rheumatism, and also making skin healthy, radiant, elastic. It is suitable for those who love taking care of self-beauty and skincare. In addition, consuming gelatin jelly on a regular basis can also reduce the problem of the gastrointestinal tract, and is a complementary protein that helps repair the wear and tear of the body. It helps to recover from heavy workouts as well.

Do you know how to easily make a delicious gelatin jelly? With instant gelatin jelly both in the form of powder or sheets that you can easily find in any markets, you can create gelatin jelly on your own at home for both personal consumption and professional purpose: by dissolving instant gelatin in water using heat, blending homogeneously, then pouring in the print, and lastly chilling it. Your gelatin is now ready! If you want some flavorful odor, color, and taste, you can mix milk, sugar, sweetener or food coloring in the process of melting gelatin as you like. Gelatin jelly is now about creativity: it is a new snack with beautiful appearance, requiring the art of mixing and creativity of crafters. Some people make a lot of money with this kind of leisure: 3D gelatin or flower gelatin jelly.

Gelatin jelly is not only good and healthy but its appearance is also attractive to snack lovers. It can be seen that gelatin has a role in our daily life in many dimensions: apart from foods, gelatin is beneficial in various aspects such as in the pharmaceutical industry, gelatin is used to produce capsules and some tablets, also some cosmetic products, or camera film and banknote coating. Gelatin is not anymore something unknown nor a harmful substance, in contrast, it is such a useful nutrient that it has been used in many industries.

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