The importation of gelatin

 Currently gelatin is well known and has been used in various contexts. For instance, individual consumers who want to use gelatin as an ingredient in cooking on a daily basis can surely purchase it in the market. Businesses in the industries that require gelatin as component are certainly looking for gelatin of quality from reliable partners. As you know, the production process of gelatin is pretty complex. Thus, we have most likely to rely on imports of gelatin from other countries.

Do we import gelatin from?

Gelatin is a protein derived from the extraction of collagen from the skin, bones and scales of animal. Thanks to the increasing popularity of gelatin, there are currently productions of gelatin worldwide. Each manufacturer uses different sources of ingredient; and of course, their products would have different qualities as well. Thailand has usually been importing gelatin from developed countries; both in and outside the region such as Korea, Japan, the United States or European countries. Since these countries have made progress in technology of production and have high capacity in sourcing raw materials. Imports of gelatin from various countries may result in different prices of gelatin sold in the domestic market. This is not always the question of product quality but as a matter of the international economic policy such as tax.

The quality of our gelatin importation sources means the safety of consumers.

As an importer of gelatin with over 10 years of experience, Halamix has been importing all kinds of gelatin; edible gelatin, fish gelatin, halal gelatin, succinyl gelatin, and gelatin used in various industries such as pharmaceutical gelatin, coating gelatin etc. We import gelatin only from world-class qualified and certified manufacturers in both their production process and quality of materials used. We also constantly check the quality manufacturers by ourselves to ensure that every gelatin product we import and deliver to our business partners and consumers truly has quality and benefits. This is the reason why we have been trusted by our beloved customers in various industries as a leader in gelatin importation.