A Brief Overview of Vegetable Gel

A Brief Overview of Vegetable Gel

If you specialize in manufacturing a range of gelatin-based products, you may already know the different kinds of gelatin variants available, from fish to porcine and bovine. One of the innovative products you can find is a vegetable gel, a significant technical breakthrough in the process of starch film forming.

StarchGel is the perfect example of vegetable-based softgels used in the pharmaceutical industry to enhance the quality and safety of medicines, vitamins, and supplements for consumers. It helps to know more about vegetable gels, so you can make an informed decision to use them to manufacture Halal and Kosher pharmaceutical products. Here’s a quick overview:

The basics

A high-quality vegetable gel is made from starch derived from cassava root. Reputable manufacturers ensure an NSF-certified non-GMO product without carcinogenic and pesticide residues and chemical additives. They use high-quality cassava starch, which is naturally pest resistant, healthy, and safe, without preservatives, plasticizers, and ethylene oxide.

100 percent vegetarian

Vegetable-based gels are vegetarian-friendlyand certified Kosher, Halal, and NSF. They don’t pose the risk of animal-transmitted disease.

Easy to use

You’ll find it easy to start using vegetable softgels because they require minimum of and don’t require modifying your equipment. This way, they can save you time and money. 

The gelatin offers better thermal stability with no sticky or minimum deformation and passes the Global Shipment Testing condition 50 C RH75 percent. The vegetable gel won’t have a cross-linking reaction with filled minerals.

Get it from the right supplier.

Vegetable gels come from a few select reputable suppliers in Thailand. Make sure it’s an established and privately owned company with a track record of supplying gelatin products to the pharmaceutical, nutrition, and food and beverage industries. Consider a vegetable gel supplier with ties to global manufacturing to ensure competitive pricing, with the main office, warehouse, and distribution center, located in Thailand.