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GELTECH ‘s FCP1000 – Korea Fish Collagen Peptide 1000 Da is an ultra-low molecular weight form of collagen with Average MW less than 1000Da make it more easily absorbed across the small intestine membrane where peptide enter the blood stream. FCP1000 provide a natural source of amino acids and are biologically active and stimulate collagen production in the dermis. Replenishing these amino acids is essential to maintain the amount of collagen, key to a healthy and youthful skin.


Superiority of Geltech‘s FCP1000

- Ultra low molecular weight (<1000Da) makes it more easier absorbed into the body
- More efficient gastrointestinal absorption into blood stream
- Manufactured to premium quality according to HACCP and ISO standard
- Consistent quality supply though the strict computerized quality control
- Free from unpleasant fish like odor and disagreeable taste
- Easily dissolved even in cold water
- Very light color 

Recommend daily intake: 5 grams per day

Benefits of FCP1000

- Improve skin moisture level 
- Improve elasticity and suppleness of skin 
- Prevent and reduce the deep wrinkles 
- Reduce the symptom of joint pain associated with athletic activities 
- Improve and prevent osteoporosis for the aged women 
- Strong and fast growing nails 
- Thicker and strong hairs


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